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«Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world

Albert Einstein, interview published
in The Saturday Evening Post, 1929

Your company relies on assets, tools and methods.

Along time, those have been successfully set up in various manners.

Further value creation results from

external sight and imagination

that allows new solutions to arise.

What I Do

I build bridges between people, connecting and binding different business cultures;
I help sharing practice and understanding, setting up a common lexicon and taxonomy;
I reconcile people, systems, data and spirits in a digital world.


Who I Am

I am a "hands on" team leader. I act at crossroads between cultures in international contexts helping humans merger with digital.
As a long time experimented project manager and digital builder, I bring people towards high efficiency levels in achieving results.


My Role

My role is a multi purpose one and includes invention, creation, implementation and delivery. At their side, I support and mentor top management persons and their functional or digital and IT teams.

I help removing obstacles to mutual comprehension. I participate to efficient solutions arising.
I promote and accompany result oriented teamwork. I bring support to achieve effective delivery.

While mentoring and acting as a sparing partner to them, I provide top management persons direct ground level sight on enterprise wide strategic projects.

Relying on my cultural and linguistic links with the countries I work with, I bring you my experience in Estonia, France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil to put your expansion strategies and projects into action.

Get in touch...

Please send a message to
Jerome Lioret to begin soon with further value creation
within your company and projects.